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Playin' with Fire Band is a vibrant and powerful Performance Act capturing seamless tributes to every song that audiences love. Led by an irresistible, energetic female vocalist and dynamic male singer/guitarist, the band handles music from Rock, Pop, Country and Blues with astonishing accuracy. Crowd pleasing originals, harmonies and engaging personalities make the Playin' with Fire Band a sure "fire" hit for any event. The 5 person band includes professional musicians (drums, bass, lead guitar) who have performed with major recording artists across the nation.


Lead singer Kim "Rocker" Wickham brings a passion and love of music to her vocals. A Syracuse University grad who majored in Musical Theatre, she brings high energy to the stage with a big smile that keeps you locked in on eve​ry word she sings. She also plays guitar and is a superior songwriter.


Guitarist Stevie Wright is a founding member of the band. Also a vocalist and songwriter. He is a left handed guitarist who loves to play his Larrivee acoustic/electric or Martin when he's not playing his custom built Carvin. 

Lead guitarist Dan Wray  is no stranger to the music industry. Dan's musical career has taken him to Gracie Mansion and many corporate events raising over $150,000 dollars for charities. He has a vast knowledge of session and studio work and has performed on Broadway. 


Al Kash is a well known area drummer. Al's talent makes him a sought after musician in all types of music, from blues to punk. Al knows his way around the drum kit. Catch Al with PWFB, Acoustic Fire, or Nite Train when he's not hosting a jam at a local venue 

Jeff Britton is a self-taught bassist who comes from a large family of musicians. The previous sound technician for Playin' WIth Fire, he is now the youngest member of the group. Catch him playing his candy apple red Fender Jazz Bass with Playin' With Fire or his Fender Kingman Acoustic/Electric Bass with Acoustic Fire. Jeff and Al always know how to keep the rhythm tight. 












For booking inquiries please contact: 

Steve (518) 496-1188 or Kim (518) 364-1589


You may also email us at: 


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