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  • Derek R Swartz. (Eclipse) (Saturday, June 12 21 12:38 pm EDT)

    I can’t wait to listen to you all play tonight at Rex Knight bbq at the Whipperwill in Lake George. I wish you played more in the Saratoga area.

  • Frank DeGennaro (Sunday, February 07 21 09:47 pm EST)

    Just got my CD. Love it! It's a car-keeper for sure. Listen to it all the time. Never saw Playin' With Fire live, (400 miles away), but see a lot of things online. I would definitely get hold of this album either on CD or online. You won't regret it. These are some extremely talented people and they write great songs. I'm looking for bigger things for them. (I'm also a writer and record and produce) Just do it!

  • Sheri Pittz (Friday, May 24 19 08:54 pm EDT)

    Saw PWFB for the first time at O’Slattery’s on Saturday night. They are fantastic. Enjoyed listening to music from «  our era «  plus the original tunes they played. Steve and Kim’s voices compliment each other and they can cover a broad range of genre’s seamlessly. Guitar and bass phenomenal. Enjoyed Joe on the harmonica as well. Can’t wait to see them again. But, in the meantime we can hear them whenever we want on their Closer than we know CD...which by the way is awesome! Highly recommend it !!!!! They have 2 new fans :-) Thanks again for a great evening of music !!!!! It just went by way too fast !!!!!!!!! Sheri and John Pittz

  • Michael Mannarino (Tuesday, July 03 18 03:37 pm EDT)

    Great CD! Love all the songs but Hard Charger is by far my favorite!

  • Liz (Tuesday, July 03 18 10:56 am EDT)

    You guys were on fire! Thank heavens for my Crocs!!! :-) There was so much energy under that tent it is a wonder it didn't take off. Congratulations!!!!

  • Rhonda (Tuesday, July 03 18 10:46 am EDT)

    What great songs and sound you all had today. Glad we were able to share this with all of you.

  • Rick Palmer (Tuesday, July 03 18 10:44 am EDT)

    I have had the CD in my truck since the release. I have had it on each day going to work and around town. I enjoy listening as you get to hear the words more clearly than sometimes at live performances. Although they always sound great as well, sometimes at performances the instruments are heard over the vocals depending on crowd ,acoustics, background noise etc. As the CD was mastered, the vocals are very clear on each song and I get to better hear each word, even though I already knew many of them from performances. A great cd.

  • Barb (Tuesday, July 03 18 10:42 am EDT)

    "WOW, this CD is so good. And your voice!!... fabulous! I couldn't stop smiling the whole while I was listening to it. Songs are great, music is amazing. I love the hard beats of some of the songs. And can I say again.....your voice....!! I so enjoy powerful, (I don't want to say deep, because that's not it) I can't put words to what I like but your voice is it. You also can sing the sweet tunes, but it's the Melissa Etheridge/ Stevie Nicks quality I like the most. ENJOYING the CD...You must be so proud of this! You certainly should be. Congratulations to all of you.. "
    Thank You!

  • Selkirk Fire Dept (Thursday, August 10 17 03:36 pm EDT)

    On behalf of the Selkirk Fire Department we THANK everyone for coming out and making our annual Summertime events a success. The turnout for the 61st Annual Glenmont Fireman’s Fair, and the 42nd Annual Flea Market & Craft Fair, were amazing.

    We also had a great response to our first ever Block Party featuring the Playin’ With Fire Band. The response was so positive, to the Block Party, that we may make it an annual event, like the other events. Thanks to Stevie Wright, Kim Wickham, and the rest of the band for putting on an electric entertaining show, that had people dancing, and singing, right along

  • Bill Collins (Saturday, July 08 17 09:02 am EDT)

    Loved being in "front row" seats for your O'Slatterys gig last night. Got to see Danny's hands gliding up and down the neck so skillfully and effortlessly. My wife, Barb, heard a lot of Rita Coolidge in Kim's voice. Steve's vocals were spot on in "Best of My Love". Only regret is that we had to leave too soon.

  • Paula & Marty (Tuesday, April 25 17 03:32 am EDT)

    Playing With Fire ? was rocking at the Red Knights club house Saturaday night. I have watched & listened to them many times but never seen them so hooked up as they were at the Red Knights Spring bash.

  • Spider (Monday, April 24 17 10:36 pm EDT)

    ROCKED the Spring Fling! Sign a contract to that kid before he becomes famous!

  • Tony (Sunday, April 23 17 10:37 pm EDT)

    Had a Great time on Saturday Night, Good Music and great friends

  • Kevin Keller (Sunday, April 23 17 09:45 pm EDT)

    I had the pleasure of being at your performance last night at the RKMC III Spring Fling and you guys were amazing. Your original music just made the show that much better. Great job!!!

  • Derek R Swartz (Sunday, April 23 17 09:27 pm EDT)

    Thanks to all the members of Playing With Fire Band for awesome music during our Red Knights NY 3 2017 Spring Fling last night 4/22/2017. Awesome fun night with great music. I'm going have to get out more and listen to you

  • Flash (Friday, April 07 17 08:01 am EDT)

    Playin' With Fire Band has evolved over the years and only continues to become greater and stronger! Their set list contains a great choice of songs you know and love and their original creations that you will want to know and will instantly love! The members are all very talented and mix it up well! I will see them every chance I get!

  • Robin Castiglione-Santiago (Sunday, January 01 17 07:47 pm EST)

    Saw you for the first time at Bethlehem First Night 2017. Simply AWESOME! I even went live on Facebook so my friends could hear the incredibly sound and kickass drum solo! My entire family was rockin out! I would want to hire you guys for any party! Thanks.

  • Keith (Saturday, September 10 16 03:52 pm EDT)

    Really enjoyed your sound at the Cook's Cove party today. Nice mix!

  • Flash (Thursday, September 01 16 08:02 am EDT)

    Thank you for being so talented! I bring your CD along on my road trips and sing my heart out with you! Sometimes, I am even on key!

  • Jim (Tuesday, August 09 16 02:04 pm EDT)

    Wish I could have made it to the Barge. I'll bet it was fantastic, you always are. Thanks for entertaining us on a regular basis. Haven't found anyone ton compare!

  • Dan (Tuesday, August 09 16 07:28 am EDT)

    The' Playin With Fire band' in Albany, NY is a great Classic Rock group that I joined last month. Led by vocalists Kim Cirillo Rocker Wickham and Stevie Wright, (guitar) the band's rhythm section
    with Al Kash (drums) and Jeffrey Britton is a tight machine.
    The PWF band performs at venues that cater to music lovers...If you haven't seen this band lately- Please do!!

  • Mike (Tuesday, August 09 16 07:20 am EDT)

    saw you on the Barge, great show! very talented group

  • Ron (Saturday, November 21 15 06:34 pm EST)

    love your authentic style!

  • Kat (Sunday, July 26 15 07:01 am EDT)

    Fabulous band I fell in love with first time I heard them it was June 2014 they volunteered to play at a fundraiser I did for my best friend. Recently June 2015 they played at my wedding reception.
    My guest loved Tham as much as I do. Playin with fire is my favorite band in the capital region.

  • Bonnie Kleinke (Saturday, July 25 15 10:14 pm EDT)

    I haven't been lately but will soon now the house is almost done, but every time I have heard you all its been fantastic!! Love it!!!

  • Liz (Friday, July 24 15 12:21 pm EDT)

    Kim Rocker rocked the 4 Corners last pm. Kudos to Playin' With Fire. There was awsomeness at Swifty's!!!!

  • Mark (Sunday, March 15 15 03:21 pm EDT)

    Great music saw you at warners lake last Saturday

  • PS (Saturday, December 20 14 12:25 am EST)

    Perfect Blend was fun! Thank you. Silent Night was a great way to end the evening

  • Adrienne Petrillo (Saturday, August 30 14 12:35 pm EDT)

    Kim, and the rest of the band, wonderful time, great music and good songs...thanks for cd, luv it. Checking out web-site for you next gig. cu

  • Jim Gross (Monday, April 28 14 04:27 pm EDT)

    This band "Playin' With Fire" leveled the Helderbergs to rubble. All the critters came out of the woods and sang back up harmonies. The WWI Tank re-appeared as a low rider. The Tories came out of the
    cave to boogie. The Knights, Lords and Ladies came down from the castle to boogie.

  • Donna (Friday, March 21 14 01:17 pm EDT)

    Your song Wishes is fantastic. I'd like to buy the CD. Is it available? Where can I find it?

  • jim (Monday, February 10 14 04:49 pm EST)

    I really have to say, Franklin's Tower treats us right every time we go there. They find us a table downstairs when there are none, the service is great, friendly and the food is excellent. We'll be
    And Acoustic Fire was GREAT too

  • Milt Schmidt (Monday, January 06 14 12:02 pm EST)

    Saw Acoustic fire for the first time at Side door Cafe a couple of nights age. Really enjoyed it. I'll be back for more.

  • Nancy Gildea (Saturday, September 07 13 06:02 pm EDT)

    Heard acoustic fire @ Side Door Cafe last night. Highly enjoyed it. I hope to attend more soon.

  • Karen G. (Sunday, June 02 13 02:36 pm EDT)


  • Jim Hamilton (Sunday, June 02 13 02:32 pm EDT)

    great show, new tunes were awesome

  • Bobby (Sunday, June 02 13 02:31 pm EDT)

    Kim, your an amazing talent. Keep bringing the smiles to those around you. Thank you for a real good time.

  • Cheryl (Sunday, June 02 13 02:29 pm EDT)

    AF rocked the 4 corners tonight. Great job everyone.

  • Flash (Saturday, May 18 13 05:54 pm EDT)

    I just found myself walking around the house singing Wishes outloud! Usually I only do that riding my Harley! Thanks for creating such a great song!

  • Rev. Paul Panos (Saturday, March 23 13 01:40 pm EDT)

    I LOVE y'all!!! Great people & top notch performers, I can't wait to see y'all again!

  • Paul (Sunday, March 10 13 07:09 pm EDT)

    Some of the best music in the Capital Region!!!!!

  • Paul (Saturday, March 02 13 07:44 pm EST)

    You guys were great, we really enjoyed your performance. \m/

  • Pat O'Connor (Tuesday, February 05 13 04:44 pm EST)

    Awesome Band and a lot of fun ;0)

  • Lori (Tuesday, February 05 13 04:42 pm EST)

    McKownville FD hired Playin' With Fire Band for our installation dinner and it was GREAT!!! People all ages and personalities got up to dance together. They play something for everyone and really
    people keep telling me how much they enjoyed them. (as if I have something to do with how talented they are) So, if you hve an occasion, try to get Lefty's band to play. I mean if you want to have
    great music and a great time, that is.

  • MJR (Sunday, March 04 12 01:26 pm EST)

    Best party band ever...Playin with Fire...

  • Lori Biker (Sunday, February 19 12 09:36 pm EST)

    Great show at Perfect Blend Friday night. Nice additions to the song list! I loved seeing the harmonica come out! Another perfect blend of music and people!

  • jb (Saturday, February 18 12 05:59 pm EST)

    Acoustic Fire was so much fun last night! I love the new songs and Kim was awesome on the old favorites. Plus they played a Beatles song! Doesn't get any better than that!! Rock on !!!

  • FLASH! (Sunday, February 12 12 03:58 pm EST)

    I just wanted to thank you all for the many hours of entertainment you have given me. I try to take in as much fun in a day as I can get and that is easy when I am at your gigs. It is great to see
    how you all enjoy being on stage with each other. I am psyched to see that 2012 already has gigs planned through November! I know there will be many more added too! I look forward to a lot more great
    times listening to you! Thanks again!

  • MW (Saturday, December 24 11 08:29 am EST)

    Acoustic Fire at Perfect Blend Cafe last night. Great mix of popular tunes originals and Holiday songs. Where do you play next?

  • Jim Hamilton (Saturday, December 03 11 08:00 pm EST)

    Thanks so much for doing the Schoharie County Flood Relief Benefit Concert. You guys sounded great as usual; really rocked the Helderbergs! If I wasn't so busy helping, my feet would have been tired
    from dancing more. I suspect you will get some new followers out of it; I heard a lot of comments about how good you guys are. There's over $3000 more going to help people who have lost almost
    everything, and Playin' with Fire and your followers played a big role in pulling it in. Great working with you guys. Thanks again.

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